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日曜日, 9月 14, 0020


lantern festival tonight... but darn its raining... the boy was so excited that he did not sleep in the afternoon after our trip to town... but now he is fast asleep, he could not wait much longer and his tired body got the better of him...told him to go and get his afternoon nap but he refused


In the morning , went down to town for lunch and also some shopping. Had lunch at Wisma Food Republic then headed to Taka and OG Orchard... after which we headed home....hehehe




Lego at Takashimaya was having some sales on certain Ferrari sets.. the huge 1:18 scale is $149 usual $250... and the Ferrari F1 set is $80... pricewise ok....







In the afternoon today, had some time to repack some of my tomica boxsets...on posting these pics.. Yeo from found me.. and had me as a featured collector... i am so honoured.. hehehehehe....

ok abit of Tomica history of me, i started these collections 4 yrs back... when the price of tomicas in singapore was $2.50.. and over the years , the price has risen to $4.95. I also am into Matchboxes / Hotwheels / Ferrari...hehehehe... oh well, over the trips to japan , i have also bought quite a bit of stuff from Japan various stores and occasionally , my bro who is a pilot flies there too...

SOme ramdon pics of some boxsets i have.. the S-Series you see there were $5 each at OG/Seiyu 2 yrs back... i should have grabbed more, cause seems no one wanted them, it was sitting on the shelves for days...Tomica Townsets i have plenty.. i think about 10 sets total.. i have to dig them out for a pic.. but the one below are the recent releases in singapore which i gotten recently... the rest of my townsets are packed up... i will find some time later to take some pics...





My boy's classic Matchbox City playset... but i dun always let him play on this set as its already a vintage set... hehehe...


Got this SBS bus off someone at $15.. hahaha cheap.. the person selling it did not know the value of it.. its a Corgi model.. limited edition...




Blogger Shuumi said...

hey! u didnt list me who also brought the set back for u... hmpf! u forgot abt me!

火曜日, 9月 16, 0020 12:05:00 午前  


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