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日曜日, 9月 07, 0020

End of school holidays..

the boy knows his school holiday has ended.. well anyway todays weather was perfect after last evening's thunder storm for a day out in town... whooo..

Rachel's runny nose also has stopped and she was up and hopping about... thank goodness. The daily intake of Vitamins / cod liver oil has somehow helped to build and speed up her recovery.



went to OG Orchard to shop after lunch and also to get the New OG cards for Sis-in-law and mother-in-law. And with the F1 fever in town , every toy department store has a little F1 corner where kids can have a go at the cars. Rachel was having a go at the F1 track at OG, and would not allow Marcus to play. The Girl... hahaha







Vodaphone F1 team was at Paragon displying their F1 replica car that will be used in the upcoming race... so snapped another pic.... F1 race Singapore will be held end of Sept, and it will be the first night race for F1


Managed to get some new Hotwheels at Takashimaya and a T-Hunt Plymouth.. and also found the VW drag bus at TRU paragon.





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