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金曜日, 9月 12, 0020

Close up of my stuffs...

pictures of items from last trip. i only posted one picture which are the items which we handcarry Will be dedicating this post to items from my japan trip... hahaha.. dunno why i missed posting these pictures.. will take all your breath away...

ok these were the items i sent by surface from Osaka 18 April and Tokyo 21 April individually and both arrive on 15 May 2008...took me about 30 - 40 mins to arrange items for this photo shoot.









the bigger porsche is a clear display plastic case.. the small porsches sits in it... these are the ones that made me drink canned coffee in the last week i was in Tokyo and Osaka....pic is missing another 2 smaller posrche which i have it kept elsewhere...too lazy to digg them out. Total Porsche in the set 7 cars as per broucher here


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