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土曜日, 9月 06, 0020


Saturday and its raining now... very heavy... will be a cooling night to sleep ... luckily did not plan to go out as the girl was having flu. Brought her to the doctor in the morning to Thomson Medical Center. Met my "yi po" on the way to the clinic. Did not notice them on the bus till i turned back and see who was on the bus. The girl was so quiet on the way to the clinic. Anyway doc say its just a common cold, nothing serious need no antibotics.

After the doc's , took a cab back and by the time i got home it was already 1 pm.. the damm clinic was so packed. After the kids had lunch , i went down to town to collect my glasses... yearly pilgrimage to the optician to make sure i used up fully my medical vision claim... cause the girl spoilt my frameless glass a month ago..

so coincident, the kids both when they were young has spoilt some items
- Boy , Canon camera 2 MP set, poured milk on it , my glasses
- Girl , my glasses

only snap a photo of the kids... hehehe.. if you noticed, i have not kept the luggage that was used for the japan trip.. its still full of items... i dunno where to keep them...


Also had some time to tidy up and consolidate all my Tomica Limited cars... i think there are still some lurking around somewhere....oh well i found most of them anyway.. you can see that some of the cars i only has one as i could not find extras for those.. most of the single ones are bought from JApan the other time and recent trip.


i have also completed the whole seris of Ferrari from the local 7-11 stores. Kudos to those store which allowed me to buy the cars without spending the min $5 required... really silly... i dunno how many cars will the stores ,which do not allow to buy without spending any dollar, have left over stocks in the end. In singapore the collector community for diecast cars are very small.

どようび - do-youbi - saturday



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