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火曜日, 9月 16, 0020

Old to new???

shifted my Tomica Blog to the new blogger template/layout... darn... i cant move this blog to the new format else it will be reposting many post....

anyone has any ideas???...

日曜日, 9月 14, 0020


lantern festival tonight... but darn its raining... the boy was so excited that he did not sleep in the afternoon after our trip to town... but now he is fast asleep, he could not wait much longer and his tired body got the better of him...told him to go and get his afternoon nap but he refused


In the morning , went down to town for lunch and also some shopping. Had lunch at Wisma Food Republic then headed to Taka and OG Orchard... after which we headed home....hehehe




Lego at Takashimaya was having some sales on certain Ferrari sets.. the huge 1:18 scale is $149 usual $250... and the Ferrari F1 set is $80... pricewise ok....







In the afternoon today, had some time to repack some of my tomica boxsets...on posting these pics.. Yeo from found me.. and had me as a featured collector... i am so honoured.. hehehehehe....

ok abit of Tomica history of me, i started these collections 4 yrs back... when the price of tomicas in singapore was $2.50.. and over the years , the price has risen to $4.95. I also am into Matchboxes / Hotwheels / Ferrari...hehehehe... oh well, over the trips to japan , i have also bought quite a bit of stuff from Japan various stores and occasionally , my bro who is a pilot flies there too...

SOme ramdon pics of some boxsets i have.. the S-Series you see there were $5 each at OG/Seiyu 2 yrs back... i should have grabbed more, cause seems no one wanted them, it was sitting on the shelves for days...Tomica Townsets i have plenty.. i think about 10 sets total.. i have to dig them out for a pic.. but the one below are the recent releases in singapore which i gotten recently... the rest of my townsets are packed up... i will find some time later to take some pics...





My boy's classic Matchbox City playset... but i dun always let him play on this set as its already a vintage set... hehehe...


Got this SBS bus off someone at $15.. hahaha cheap.. the person selling it did not know the value of it.. its a Corgi model.. limited edition...



土曜日, 9月 13, 0020

Yesss... the DM07 Tigger is here...

for those who have been waiting and waiting to complete your Disney Motor Series.. its avaliable at Bugis BHG, quick go grab...

Morning was raining quite heavily, parents had a appointment to finalize their apartment sales. Also got my father-in-law to assist in some FengShui for my parents new home to decide where to place certain items...

In the afternoon, went to Bugis BHG to check if there were any new Tomicas that arrived. And yes... The new Tomica Limited 0098 Civic Type R was here.. its a hot item as many ppl luv the new Civics especially the Type R model. The following were new arrivals No 42 Hato Bus / No 11 Subaru / No 50 Yellow GTR. Also BHG had new restock of Tomicas.. especailly the Honda NSX No 81... hehehehe... bought 5 of them to keep...

I bought these...


6 Civics total...!! TL0098


Tonight did not go out anywhere as the kids woke up from their afternoon nap around 6pm... so i went to the plaza to get some food home for dinner.. and as the kids were home, they messed up the whole house again... i screamed my head off for 3 - 4 times at the both of them... least now they are sleeping...

a Pic after their shower...



blew nearly $400 on some items on yahoo... hehehehe... will post pics once the items arrive... darn... トミカブロス ゾイド ブレードミラージュL was released this yr... プレステーション2用ソフト ZOIDS STRUGGLE.. well it was a free gift thats comes with every PS2 Zoid game bought... anyway i will look for this hi and lo.... hahahaha .. i have the blue and red version. Link... a guide... this is a rare item.



TRU Suntec is having some lego sales... but heard from friends not that a great sale...prices are normal $10 off etc only. Oh Well. I managed to get these off YAhoo Japan , lovely set.

金曜日, 9月 12, 0020

Close up of my stuffs...

pictures of items from last trip. i only posted one picture which are the items which we handcarry Will be dedicating this post to items from my japan trip... hahaha.. dunno why i missed posting these pictures.. will take all your breath away...

ok these were the items i sent by surface from Osaka 18 April and Tokyo 21 April individually and both arrive on 15 May 2008...took me about 30 - 40 mins to arrange items for this photo shoot.









the bigger porsche is a clear display plastic case.. the small porsches sits in it... these are the ones that made me drink canned coffee in the last week i was in Tokyo and Osaka....pic is missing another 2 smaller posrche which i have it kept elsewhere...too lazy to digg them out. Total Porsche in the set 7 cars as per broucher here


ラベル: ,

火曜日, 9月 09, 0020


Decided to use a japan auction assist site.. to bid for items on Yahoo JP... so far of all the Japan Auction sites that are avaliable...i find to be fair... its good as long as your items are above 5000JYP as their fees are ( 800JPY + 8% of auction price )..and shipping at cost by EMS to you..


日曜日, 9月 07, 0020

End of school holidays..

the boy knows his school holiday has ended.. well anyway todays weather was perfect after last evening's thunder storm for a day out in town... whooo..

Rachel's runny nose also has stopped and she was up and hopping about... thank goodness. The daily intake of Vitamins / cod liver oil has somehow helped to build and speed up her recovery.



went to OG Orchard to shop after lunch and also to get the New OG cards for Sis-in-law and mother-in-law. And with the F1 fever in town , every toy department store has a little F1 corner where kids can have a go at the cars. Rachel was having a go at the F1 track at OG, and would not allow Marcus to play. The Girl... hahaha







Vodaphone F1 team was at Paragon displying their F1 replica car that will be used in the upcoming race... so snapped another pic.... F1 race Singapore will be held end of Sept, and it will be the first night race for F1


Managed to get some new Hotwheels at Takashimaya and a T-Hunt Plymouth.. and also found the VW drag bus at TRU paragon.



土曜日, 9月 06, 0020


Saturday and its raining now... very heavy... will be a cooling night to sleep ... luckily did not plan to go out as the girl was having flu. Brought her to the doctor in the morning to Thomson Medical Center. Met my "yi po" on the way to the clinic. Did not notice them on the bus till i turned back and see who was on the bus. The girl was so quiet on the way to the clinic. Anyway doc say its just a common cold, nothing serious need no antibotics.

After the doc's , took a cab back and by the time i got home it was already 1 pm.. the damm clinic was so packed. After the kids had lunch , i went down to town to collect my glasses... yearly pilgrimage to the optician to make sure i used up fully my medical vision claim... cause the girl spoilt my frameless glass a month ago..

so coincident, the kids both when they were young has spoilt some items
- Boy , Canon camera 2 MP set, poured milk on it , my glasses
- Girl , my glasses

only snap a photo of the kids... hehehe.. if you noticed, i have not kept the luggage that was used for the japan trip.. its still full of items... i dunno where to keep them...


Also had some time to tidy up and consolidate all my Tomica Limited cars... i think there are still some lurking around somewhere....oh well i found most of them anyway.. you can see that some of the cars i only has one as i could not find extras for those.. most of the single ones are bought from JApan the other time and recent trip.


i have also completed the whole seris of Ferrari from the local 7-11 stores. Kudos to those store which allowed me to buy the cars without spending the min $5 required... really silly... i dunno how many cars will the stores ,which do not allow to buy without spending any dollar, have left over stocks in the end. In singapore the collector community for diecast cars are very small.

どようび - do-youbi - saturday

火曜日, 9月 02, 0020

トミカがいくつありますか ?



いくつあります か - ikutsu desuka

月曜日, 9月 01, 0020

Monday on leave

Cleared 1 day child care leave today, still have one more day remaining....plan was to go and make a pair of glasses today after lunch. So we had our lunch at the 5th floor chicken rice store at Far East Plaza.





After that as it was still early , we took a walk to Marriot Hotel as the ING F1 car was on display there... The boy was so excited.. and we took some pics...





After the photo taking , we took 143 a double deck bus which will bring us to the Chinatown area , where my optician's shop was.