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土曜日, 8月 30, 0020

weekend is here again..

some rants... damm STTA issue.. that MP really cause a sore taste in all Singaporeans.. after her silly unprofessional remarks... insensitive to ppl's feeling.... oh well at least the issue is over.. its easy for her.. just say sorry...

This weekend is the start of OG 46th Anniversary. Time to change your old card if you need to. just spend $75 and get your new card...

did not go out in the afternoon as i slept thruout... from 2 pm to 5 pm... was so tired... must be the early trip to office in the morning to settle some stuffs that tired me out.

So only in the evening when the kids had their afternoon nap then we decided to drop by town and my favourite place タカシマヤ. settled the kids meal first, Rachel it seems is not having a very good appetite these couple of days. She does not finish her meal fully, and we have to always coax her to finish it. Marcus on the other hand has no problems. But every meal he insist to have noodles, which of course me and mrs turn a deaf ear to his request.





For those ppl who read my blog and luved the disney Motor series ( Mickey and Minnie ) bike, its here in singapore!!!... Avaliable at タカシマヤ. Pls grab it before it runs out... some places like OG Orchard and BHG is already out of stocks... quick before stocks run out!!!



OG Orchard was not so crowded, mrs say time for me to replace some of my old business shirts i wear to work. I say ok ... so in the end bought 3 shirts.. and after paying my stuffs etc , Totalled was $210.. changed the new OG card and then headed for home. We decided to take the bus to Clark Quay then take the return bus back home so that we are assured of a seat. Buses at 10 pm is packed as ppl are all rushing to get home. In the end , we got home at 11pm and quickly put the girl to sleep.

After the girl slept , mrs unpacked the items we bought then she screamed... the receipt was wrong. We were charged a extra $46 for the business shirt i bought. It was suppose to be 2 for $46 , in the end , it was scanned as 1 for $46... hiaz.. i did not check this.. so looks like i have to go back tomorrow morning to get back the $$.


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Anonymous joycelyn said...

hey sorry you mentioned that the cars available where? i dont understand the jap word you wrote i really wanna get the cars!! I cant wait!
I missed them in tokyo

月曜日, 9月 01, 0020 12:51:00 午前  
Blogger PrawnKing said...

タカシマヤ->Takashimaya... or you can call up BHG bugis OG Albert OG Orchard Toys dept section to reserve before you go down to get it.. today is monday they nornally stock up

月曜日, 9月 01, 0020 7:55:00 午前  


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