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日曜日, 8月 10, 0020

WaterLoo Street

Today decided to go down Bugis Junction / Waterloo street temple to do some praying.. hehehe...Weather was very very sunny da...Kuan Yin Temple at water loo street was crowded, must be some upcoming occasion.

Oh well we went in quickly with the kids, offered our prayings, asked for the kids to be well and healty and to be smart.



After that we headed down to OG Albert to shop around before heading for BHG ( former Seiyu ) at Bugis. Seiyu a Wal-Mart's subsidiary (as Wal-Mart has increased its stake in the Japanese retailer to 54 per cent with an additional 67.5 billion Japanese yen or US$565 million last December)--> I did not know that Seiyu was bought/aquired over by a American company. Well anyway Seiyu in Singapore was boguht over by Beijing Hualian Group, the sixth largest commercial chain retailer of China.
This actually signifies another Japanese retailer closing its doors in singapore, now the only one would be Takashimaya left.


Had Lunch at Bugis Junction then it started raining.... the picture below reminded me of the time when we were at Shinjuku and it rained too.





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