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日曜日, 8月 17, 0020


this coming friday is the girls 2nd birthday. how time files. Last night was reading the papers and saw that Courts JP had a offer for the Western Digital 160GB 2.5" USB drive. Only 20 sets per day, so guess what, had to go early to ensure i got it.

Got there at 930am and at 1030am, kudos to the staff of courts , when they started giving out the coupons for the items. I got mine USB drive.. and guess what number was the coupon number. Number 20!!.. the last one.


Afterthat, mrs and kids joined me for lunch at JP.. and we saw one Mediacorp Artiste having his lunch there....can you guess who it is from his back view???


i am happy that i got it at least .. so once i got home, i stripped it open and swapped in my 320GB WD 2.5 inch bought 2 weeks back and took out the 160 GB drive to swap into my MinoNote, ( so that i can install the JP version of Vista ) ...



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