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金曜日, 8月 22, 0020

Rachel's BD...

Today's the girl's 2nd Birthday... nothing planned for her... my mom gave her a gold bangle... she loved it so much, but in the afternoon i had a serminar at Hyatt Orchard to attend which ended at 6 pm. It was a Yield Management Seminar by KT. Yearly Event which i have attended the past few ones. Always the Cocktail Lucky Draw is the one which ppl stays back for. Well something strange... as I was waiting to see if i had some luck , i tot about Rachel... and said to myself... its her birthday today.. and hope i get some luck... guess what .. the moment i finish thinking, my name was called... for the 11th prize..


... i was telling myself ,another thumb drive, every year i get a thumbr drive.. 128 MB .. then 1 GB.. now a 4GB one.... but i am happy... after the draw, i went home straight to collect the cake...

Got home , the Girl was so happy... and jumping....with joy... change her into some nicer looking clothes for some photo taking. Mrs wanted her to wear this cheongsum but in the end.. change her into another suit as it did not fit her...











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