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火曜日, 8月 05, 0020

Marcus is 5yrs old

the boy is 5 today.. took time off from work to spend the day with the boy. Brought him to school and back. He was thrilled. Anyway he found the present on Sunday evening and he has been carrying it about the house, so excited about it. Even till he brought it to bed with him.

Today was the day. 5yrs back at 915am approx, the boy came into our world and has changed our life eversince. All the worries for him, the teaching, his first steps, his first phrase of words.

The boy was our "bao"...

I always remember the first time the boy was sick.








Blogger Mockingbird said...

Ha, ha. Our son Shawn had a Lightning McQueen cake for his 4th birthday last year :)

水曜日, 8月 06, 0020 2:13:00 午後  


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