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日曜日, 8月 31, 0020


にちようび went back to get my $$ back credit to card. Wasted sometime as we wanted to shop at Bugis area. In the end , took the train from Somerset back to Bugis. Kids love the trains..especially the boy. Shopped at Bugis BHG / OG Albert , also i completed my Ferrari set. the 7-11 at Bugis had the remaing Ferraris ( 17-24 ) but also in limited quantity.

The mid Autumn festival also has just started. As i luv mooncakes, decided to buy some to eat too... hahahaha



Some phases i learnt this week
今何時ですか - Ima Nan Ji desu ka? / What time is it?
何時でまですか - Nan-ji made desu ka? / Until What time?
何時にもどつてきますか - Nan-ji ni modotte ki masu ka / What time are you coming back?




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