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火曜日, 8月 26, 0020


北海道... might be planning one soon. .. i will continue upating this .. till i decide when ( 2009 Mar?? or Feb??)... Will stay at one of the ski resort town Furano for 4-5 days to let the kids enjoy some snow activities.

Duration : 14 - 21 days
Will use internal Flights to get to Hokkiado... i might even give Osaka a miss..lets see how i plan... might even have to stay a day at Haneda for the kids to rest up before the trip to Chitose.
Plan 1
Narita -> Haneda -> New Chitose Airport -> Osaka?? -> Narita
Plan 2
Narita -> Nagoya -> New Chitose Airport -> Haneda -> Narita

* SKi Japan Guide

* New Furano Hotel - looks like a nice hotel.. 5 mins from Furano ski fields



Blogger Mockingbird said...

Cool and cold holiday in the snow :)

火曜日, 8月 26, 0020 3:09:00 午後  


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