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日曜日, 8月 31, 0020


にちようび went back to get my $$ back credit to card. Wasted sometime as we wanted to shop at Bugis area. In the end , took the train from Somerset back to Bugis. Kids love the trains..especially the boy. Shopped at Bugis BHG / OG Albert , also i completed my Ferrari set. the 7-11 at Bugis had the remaing Ferraris ( 17-24 ) but also in limited quantity.

The mid Autumn festival also has just started. As i luv mooncakes, decided to buy some to eat too... hahahaha



Some phases i learnt this week
今何時ですか - Ima Nan Ji desu ka? / What time is it?
何時でまですか - Nan-ji made desu ka? / Until What time?
何時にもどつてきますか - Nan-ji ni modotte ki masu ka / What time are you coming back?


土曜日, 8月 30, 0020

weekend is here again..

some rants... damm STTA issue.. that MP really cause a sore taste in all Singaporeans.. after her silly unprofessional remarks... insensitive to ppl's feeling.... oh well at least the issue is over.. its easy for her.. just say sorry...

This weekend is the start of OG 46th Anniversary. Time to change your old card if you need to. just spend $75 and get your new card...

did not go out in the afternoon as i slept thruout... from 2 pm to 5 pm... was so tired... must be the early trip to office in the morning to settle some stuffs that tired me out.

So only in the evening when the kids had their afternoon nap then we decided to drop by town and my favourite place タカシマヤ. settled the kids meal first, Rachel it seems is not having a very good appetite these couple of days. She does not finish her meal fully, and we have to always coax her to finish it. Marcus on the other hand has no problems. But every meal he insist to have noodles, which of course me and mrs turn a deaf ear to his request.





For those ppl who read my blog and luved the disney Motor series ( Mickey and Minnie ) bike, its here in singapore!!!... Avaliable at タカシマヤ. Pls grab it before it runs out... some places like OG Orchard and BHG is already out of stocks... quick before stocks run out!!!



OG Orchard was not so crowded, mrs say time for me to replace some of my old business shirts i wear to work. I say ok ... so in the end bought 3 shirts.. and after paying my stuffs etc , Totalled was $210.. changed the new OG card and then headed for home. We decided to take the bus to Clark Quay then take the return bus back home so that we are assured of a seat. Buses at 10 pm is packed as ppl are all rushing to get home. In the end , we got home at 11pm and quickly put the girl to sleep.

After the girl slept , mrs unpacked the items we bought then she screamed... the receipt was wrong. We were charged a extra $46 for the business shirt i bought. It was suppose to be 2 for $46 , in the end , it was scanned as 1 for $46... hiaz.. i did not check this.. so looks like i have to go back tomorrow morning to get back the $$.


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木曜日, 8月 28, 0020

chop chop chop

karate chop soon.... also i reinstalled my mininote..

installed a 160GB hdd in it , reinstalled OS to nihong version. now all my default pages comes in nihong..forces me to remeber all the katakana and hiragana... hahahaha

水曜日, 8月 27, 0020

Ferrari Win again... Shell Petrol Promo

Just received SMS, share with you guys. Vpower @ 98 pricing from 7-11pm, from 29-31st Aug2008.... quick go...

火曜日, 8月 26, 0020


北海道... might be planning one soon. .. i will continue upating this .. till i decide when ( 2009 Mar?? or Feb??)... Will stay at one of the ski resort town Furano for 4-5 days to let the kids enjoy some snow activities.

Duration : 14 - 21 days
Will use internal Flights to get to Hokkiado... i might even give Osaka a miss..lets see how i plan... might even have to stay a day at Haneda for the kids to rest up before the trip to Chitose.
Plan 1
Narita -> Haneda -> New Chitose Airport -> Osaka?? -> Narita
Plan 2
Narita -> Nagoya -> New Chitose Airport -> Haneda -> Narita

* SKi Japan Guide

* New Furano Hotel - looks like a nice hotel.. 5 mins from Furano ski fields


日曜日, 8月 24, 0020


まだあめがふっています...... スンテへいきますか.... cause of the Army Marathon , the bus terminated at Raffles Hotel Stop and we had to walk into Suntec. Anyway weather was lovely... the lighting for the Septh F1 race is nearly completed..







there was a travel fair at Suntec and Marcus tried out the mock snow slope...hahaha... he was so uneasy with the helmet..




土曜日, 8月 23, 0020

Rainy day

rain rain ... its raining the whole day today....i needed to get some containers from Sim Lim Tower to store my トミカ. The containers were going for $2.50 each and i have been using these containers since the day i started collecting the cars.

After settling family's lunch , i made my way to town to do some shopping... came across a shop at Sim Lim Tower moving out sale.. and manage to get the Brother MTape for the labeler at $2 each !!! ( usual was $13.50 )....


i also bought a new laptop mouse to replace the faulty one.. bought a A4Tech mouse Glaser Mouse 1000DPI mouse.. cost me $15...


金曜日, 8月 22, 0020

Rachel's BD...

Today's the girl's 2nd Birthday... nothing planned for her... my mom gave her a gold bangle... she loved it so much, but in the afternoon i had a serminar at Hyatt Orchard to attend which ended at 6 pm. It was a Yield Management Seminar by KT. Yearly Event which i have attended the past few ones. Always the Cocktail Lucky Draw is the one which ppl stays back for. Well something strange... as I was waiting to see if i had some luck , i tot about Rachel... and said to myself... its her birthday today.. and hope i get some luck... guess what .. the moment i finish thinking, my name was called... for the 11th prize..


... i was telling myself ,another thumb drive, every year i get a thumbr drive.. 128 MB .. then 1 GB.. now a 4GB one.... but i am happy... after the draw, i went home straight to collect the cake...

Got home , the Girl was so happy... and jumping....with joy... change her into some nicer looking clothes for some photo taking. Mrs wanted her to wear this cheongsum but in the end.. change her into another suit as it did not fit her...









水曜日, 8月 20, 0020


Slippers... the kids luv to wear slippers at home ... i guess it must be due to the fact that my whole house flooring is in Marble... it tends to get cold during rainy weather .. for instance this week...

Sometimes me and mrs have to search the whole house to find the missing side of their it tends to go missing occasionally..


oh yeah i feel so much better but still look pale... hiaz....

火曜日, 8月 19, 0020

sick today...

had a very bad throat.. and was out the whole day sleeping did not even take my BF and lunch ... ... only now then had some energy to surf the web and clear some mails.. ya also took some dinner.. hahaha...

came across this cute 山手線 song...かわいです

日曜日, 8月 17, 0020


this coming friday is the girls 2nd birthday. how time files. Last night was reading the papers and saw that Courts JP had a offer for the Western Digital 160GB 2.5" USB drive. Only 20 sets per day, so guess what, had to go early to ensure i got it.

Got there at 930am and at 1030am, kudos to the staff of courts , when they started giving out the coupons for the items. I got mine USB drive.. and guess what number was the coupon number. Number 20!!.. the last one.


Afterthat, mrs and kids joined me for lunch at JP.. and we saw one Mediacorp Artiste having his lunch there....can you guess who it is from his back view???


i am happy that i got it at least .. so once i got home, i stripped it open and swapped in my 320GB WD 2.5 inch bought 2 weeks back and took out the 160 GB drive to swap into my MinoNote, ( so that i can install the JP version of Vista ) ...

金曜日, 8月 15, 0020


はじめまして , メルヴィンリ- です.

Do you understand the above sentence??..

木曜日, 8月 14, 0020

Ferrari cars from Hotwheels are here..

a total of 24 of them..i am now missing No 6 , 17-24... the rest of it i have gotten.


Heard that this series was before the 60th Anniversary series released 6 months back...


月曜日, 8月 11, 0020

Had some time today

Today had some time to go out to do some shopping alone, else with family very tough to buy my stuffs. Also my amazon JP stuffs arrived this week. Disney Motor vehicles are in.

Already posted the Mickey and Donald Vehicle from my Japan trip.

Here are the Disney Motor sets... i luv the bikes so much....







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日曜日, 8月 10, 0020

WaterLoo Street

Today decided to go down Bugis Junction / Waterloo street temple to do some praying.. hehehe...Weather was very very sunny da...Kuan Yin Temple at water loo street was crowded, must be some upcoming occasion.

Oh well we went in quickly with the kids, offered our prayings, asked for the kids to be well and healty and to be smart.



After that we headed down to OG Albert to shop around before heading for BHG ( former Seiyu ) at Bugis. Seiyu a Wal-Mart's subsidiary (as Wal-Mart has increased its stake in the Japanese retailer to 54 per cent with an additional 67.5 billion Japanese yen or US$565 million last December)--> I did not know that Seiyu was bought/aquired over by a American company. Well anyway Seiyu in Singapore was boguht over by Beijing Hualian Group, the sixth largest commercial chain retailer of China.
This actually signifies another Japanese retailer closing its doors in singapore, now the only one would be Takashimaya left.


Had Lunch at Bugis Junction then it started raining.... the picture below reminded me of the time when we were at Shinjuku and it rained too.



土曜日, 8月 09, 0020

Long Weekend ahead....

yeah.... strange... this morning .. my GM called and i missed his call.. called him back , he wished me a happy long weekend and to enjoy my weekend with family.... strange.. but he is a nice GM....still the call wishing me to enjoy weekend is strange....

Spent the day in town today at OG since they were having some 20% sale on, bought some tomicas and matchboxes. I received the Mini Note installations DVDs from the states delivered by DHL...



Bought a Brother Label Printer from Carrefour at Plaza Singapura. Since the boy going to start school soon, Mrs say its better to get a label printer. Ok.. since the printer was only $35.. pretty Cheap IMHO..


Some of the tomicas i bought



木曜日, 8月 07, 0020

Rosetta Stone.. cool

found this... a cool cool software to learn any langauge....and i have the japanese pack... cool software


火曜日, 8月 05, 0020

Marcus is 5yrs old

the boy is 5 today.. took time off from work to spend the day with the boy. Brought him to school and back. He was thrilled. Anyway he found the present on Sunday evening and he has been carrying it about the house, so excited about it. Even till he brought it to bed with him.

Today was the day. 5yrs back at 915am approx, the boy came into our world and has changed our life eversince. All the worries for him, the teaching, his first steps, his first phrase of words.

The boy was our "bao"...

I always remember the first time the boy was sick.