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日曜日, 7月 27, 0020


hiaz... dunno whats wrong.. i am still coughing.. and went to see doctor again on sat. Given some flu and phlegm tablet, doc say need to see him in 5 days for a review. Total this round, i took 4 courses of antibotics.. abit too many i think.

After taking the med, fall asleep the whole of yesterday afternoon. Did not even go out at all. Even had our dinner downstairs only , and did some grocery shopping.
Had actually planned some task in the afternoon but all had to be put off.

Friday attended a off site training for company culture, dropped by town after the session and had some time to myself shopping at Takashimaya. Spent nearly $100 , bought some pants , toys for the kids ( Dora Treehouse for the girl and Lego for the boy )

Bought the new CITY coast guard set for the Marcus.




Today , went down to Funan Center to collect the Mininote. luckily , i did not waste my evening on Monday 21 July(1st day of collection), where all those who signed up for the promo went on that day to collect and the whole situation was in a mess.. see report in STOMP. Collection was a breeze, only took me 10 minutes to pick up the mininote from the collection counter.



After collecting it, we went down to have our lunch at the pasta restaurant on 1st floor. The kids enjoyed their lunch. Since the wet weather has started in Singapore , whereby its not so sunny. More clouds than sun, we took the long walk from Funan to Raffles shopping center... afterwhich , we made our way home...




The mininote charging at home.. hehehehe...





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