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木曜日, 7月 24, 0020

tired of this sort of ppl!!!

makes me so mad.. ppl who only want to gain credit for good things.. and leave the bad things for others... this sort of ppl should rot in hell!!!...

あ い う え お

か き く け こ

さ し す せ そ

ん - a important one n
Some Words
きんこう -> bank
や ま -> Mountain
まち -> city
とみか - Tomica but usually written in Katakana トミカ
あおい (aoi) - blue
あう (au) - to meet
あたたかい (atatakai) - warm
いい - (ii) good
いう - (iu) to tell
いいえ -(iie) no
うえ - (ue) top, above
うち (uchi) - home, house
うる (uru) - to sell
え - picture
えいご (eigo) - English language
えん (en) - yen (Japanese currency)
おおきい (ookii) - big
おちゃ (ocha) - tea
おんな (onna) - woman, female person
おんなのこ (onnanoko) - girl




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