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土曜日, 7月 12, 0020

Pram repaired...

one of the springs on the rear wheel of the pram gave way last week...
i did not have time to source for a replacement extension springs. So used Nylon tie to temporary hold it in place... but who knows , midweek , the nylon tie also gave way. Was telling mrs that lucky the pram did not give way when we were in Japan. I wondered what i would have done then??. I suspect the pram springs gave way due to the extra weight of Marcus

Therefore , today went out to get new springs. Found a shop at Sungei Road selling all sorts of springs ( sorry no pics as did not bring camera out ) Found what i wanted for 50 cents per piece... Great!!.. got home around 6 pm, bought a couple of new Tomica Town Series too from OG ... damage $147

The broken spring..

The replacement springs.. bought extras as spares..

Fitted in..

After fitting it in , it worked perfectly... actually comtemplating if cannot find the springs.. then we have to throw this pram away. At Least i managed to save it .. maybe for number 3??...This pram is very useful as the basket below is huge, machiam like our boot space is so big. Mrs normally dump the kids jacket in there and all the rest of the Barang Barang we bring when we go out with the kids...

Went down to the plaza for dinner and then groceries shopping at the supermarket. For this coming National Day , looks like the PA decorated the trees with white and red lights... last week i tot i took the wrong bus for Orchard when i should be going home.... the National Day decor is machiam like Orchard's Christmas decor....





Random Japan News
- Color contact lenses to be strictly controlled



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