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火曜日, 7月 08, 0020

Dammm... my cough is still not yet ok..

still throat is sore.. and i have completed my dose of antibotics...hiaz... still a bit sore.. trying hide to keep away from the kids....

Rachel went for her jab yesterday .. and thankfully no fever... hehehehe...


Blogger Mockingbird said...

Maybe you should try consulting a Chinese sinseh instead. Chinese medicine may be slower to take effect but its effects are longer-lasting. Chinese medicine gets to the root of the problem whereas Western medicine also treats the symptoms, leaving the root of the problem intact. Western cough mixture can only suppress the cough on the surface. The root of the problem remains even after you've stopped coughing.

水曜日, 7月 09, 0020 5:19:00 午後  


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