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日曜日, 7月 27, 0020


hiaz... dunno whats wrong.. i am still coughing.. and went to see doctor again on sat. Given some flu and phlegm tablet, doc say need to see him in 5 days for a review. Total this round, i took 4 courses of antibotics.. abit too many i think.

After taking the med, fall asleep the whole of yesterday afternoon. Did not even go out at all. Even had our dinner downstairs only , and did some grocery shopping.
Had actually planned some task in the afternoon but all had to be put off.

Friday attended a off site training for company culture, dropped by town after the session and had some time to myself shopping at Takashimaya. Spent nearly $100 , bought some pants , toys for the kids ( Dora Treehouse for the girl and Lego for the boy )

Bought the new CITY coast guard set for the Marcus.




Today , went down to Funan Center to collect the Mininote. luckily , i did not waste my evening on Monday 21 July(1st day of collection), where all those who signed up for the promo went on that day to collect and the whole situation was in a mess.. see report in STOMP. Collection was a breeze, only took me 10 minutes to pick up the mininote from the collection counter.



After collecting it, we went down to have our lunch at the pasta restaurant on 1st floor. The kids enjoyed their lunch. Since the wet weather has started in Singapore , whereby its not so sunny. More clouds than sun, we took the long walk from Funan to Raffles shopping center... afterwhich , we made our way home...




The mininote charging at home.. hehehehe...



土曜日, 7月 26, 0020

Rakuten ICHIBA

yeah... at last Rakuten ICHIBA has international shipping... but damm.. looking at the list of credit cards accepted .. currently outside of japan it only takes AMEX , JCB and Diners... oh well better than nothing.. i can start shopping


木曜日, 7月 24, 0020

tired of this sort of ppl!!!

makes me so mad.. ppl who only want to gain credit for good things.. and leave the bad things for others... this sort of ppl should rot in hell!!!...

あ い う え お

か き く け こ

さ し す せ そ

ん - a important one n
Some Words
きんこう -> bank
や ま -> Mountain
まち -> city
とみか - Tomica but usually written in Katakana トミカ
あおい (aoi) - blue
あう (au) - to meet
あたたかい (atatakai) - warm
いい - (ii) good
いう - (iu) to tell
いいえ -(iie) no
うえ - (ue) top, above
うち (uchi) - home, house
うる (uru) - to sell
え - picture
えいご (eigo) - English language
えん (en) - yen (Japanese currency)
おおきい (ookii) - big
おちゃ (ocha) - tea
おんな (onna) - woman, female person
おんなのこ (onnanoko) - girl


火曜日, 7月 22, 0020

another yr older

was mrs turn... hehehe.. came home at 6pm and bought a ケ-キ for her.. both the kids were so happy upon seeing the ケ-キ , the kids went wild...



日曜日, 7月 20, 0020


Taka Toy Sale started this week.. the annual crazy toy sale... but sadly this yrs toy sale is so disappointing. Hardly any good stuffs which the previous yrs sales saw...

2007 Sale - Burago Model kits , Tomica
2006 Sale - Joal Diecast , Tomicas Limited sets. , Burago
2005 Sale - TOmicas , Hotwheels, etc.

Did not spend more than $100 in this yrs sales... just bought some Corgi's set which were clearing at $5 each.. the Fire Hero Series. Sat went down again with family for lunch .. mrs bought some stuffs for the kids.. and i found a Taiyo RC Bike for $10.. bought it for Marcus to bash. By then , time was already 1 pm , and we decided to head back home.


After cleaning the kids up , i went out again to get some stuffs from SimLim , needed a adaptor to replace my faulty adaptor for my charger. Was also shopping around sungei road area and Guess what i saw a 12inch wafer SMIF pod selling at Sungei Road!!!

Tomorrow going to collect my mininote after work.. hehehehe a new toy to play ...

This songs lyrics is very very sad.. 黃昏


木曜日, 7月 17, 0020

あ い う え お

a i u e o , ka ki ku ke ko , sa si su se so.....



火曜日, 7月 15, 0020

Nihongo Lesson..

hehehe.. last night mom asked me to register for a store place in the coming Flea Market sale at our estate. On signing up at the Community Center, noticed that there was a print out of the current/upcoming courses the Center is holding in the next couple of months.

And there was a Japanese Elementary lesson which started last Wed.. So comtemplated on signing up.. went home , discussed with mrs..and she said why not...

Ok , off i went down sign up for the lesson. So now every wed i have Elementary Jap Lesson 1.

日曜日, 7月 13, 0020


today's weather was great.. brought the kids down to town.. for lunch and some shopping.. Mrs Birthday is coming... what should i get?? Seems when you get older, i tend to run out of ideas. hahahaha..

The building opposite Centerpoint is nealry completed... very fast construction speed. Yesterday bought 2 tins of ICI Paint, i was supposed to touch up the house, but the laziness in me got the better. hehehe I will do it next week. At least today i fixed my USB casing which the power adaptor shorted when we came back from our japan trip. I also installed the Seagate 500GB drive which i got RMAed a while back.


I have still not fully recovered.. still has some otchy throat.. mrs is also not well. Hiaz...

土曜日, 7月 12, 0020

Pram repaired...

one of the springs on the rear wheel of the pram gave way last week...
i did not have time to source for a replacement extension springs. So used Nylon tie to temporary hold it in place... but who knows , midweek , the nylon tie also gave way. Was telling mrs that lucky the pram did not give way when we were in Japan. I wondered what i would have done then??. I suspect the pram springs gave way due to the extra weight of Marcus

Therefore , today went out to get new springs. Found a shop at Sungei Road selling all sorts of springs ( sorry no pics as did not bring camera out ) Found what i wanted for 50 cents per piece... Great!!.. got home around 6 pm, bought a couple of new Tomica Town Series too from OG ... damage $147

The broken spring..

The replacement springs.. bought extras as spares..

Fitted in..

After fitting it in , it worked perfectly... actually comtemplating if cannot find the springs.. then we have to throw this pram away. At Least i managed to save it .. maybe for number 3??...This pram is very useful as the basket below is huge, machiam like our boot space is so big. Mrs normally dump the kids jacket in there and all the rest of the Barang Barang we bring when we go out with the kids...

Went down to the plaza for dinner and then groceries shopping at the supermarket. For this coming National Day , looks like the PA decorated the trees with white and red lights... last week i tot i took the wrong bus for Orchard when i should be going home.... the National Day decor is machiam like Orchard's Christmas decor....





Random Japan News
- Color contact lenses to be strictly controlled

水曜日, 7月 09, 0020

Went to the doc..

mrs is also down.. so am i... try to keep away from the kids as much as possible..Package from Amazon JP is here... woo hooo... my new トミカ are here...


at least today came home around 7 pm... glad that i could reach home early. Dunno why the wholebody feels totally not sync.. slight headache.. and also a slight blocked nose.




So far these couple of weeks i am listening to this "Drive Time Japanese ( Random House ) Audio mp3 Course "


火曜日, 7月 08, 0020

Dammm... my cough is still not yet ok..

still throat is sore.. and i have completed my dose of antibotics...hiaz... still a bit sore.. trying hide to keep away from the kids....

Rachel went for her jab yesterday .. and thankfully no fever... hehehehe...

日曜日, 7月 06, 0020


weekend.. at least this weekend was home , did not go to office to handle the big issue... i was so tired of the current issue in office...too burnt out.. hiaz...

brought the kids to sis-in-laws place for a swim.. kids enjoyed it .. at least they have their fun... oh man.. have not been to town for a while...

looks like the 24hr shops in japan are going to be restricted to operating hours of 7 - 11 due to carbon emmision laws implemented... hahaha.. literally 7-11 will be 7 am to 11 pm...

first shipment from Amazon Japan will be arriving this friday...

at least my home's aircon is replaced.. and now its cool...

土曜日, 7月 05, 0020

Aircon replaced...

now the ppl from gaincity are here now doing up my place airconditioning...


No Wonder i got a letter from the HDB on my aircon... its so badly corroded


火曜日, 7月 01, 0020

Medical Leave....

nearly a month since i fell sick the previous time. ( 4th June )... remembered cleary that it was just before my i am sick again.. darn.. must be those late nights the past 10 days...

New トミカ avaliable at Metro Paragon and Takashimaya...
トミカ No.001 三菱ふそう エアロクイーン(箱)
トミカ No.100 Honda フィット(箱)
トミカリミテッド 0095 光岡 オロチ