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日曜日, 6月 08, 0020

秋葉原で通り魔事件 7人死亡

From NHK JP..its really sad... on a busy Sunday whereby the streets of Akiba are full of tourist, family...hiaz.. the guy should be put to death!!!


In Tokyo, 7 people died and 10 others were wounded after a man rammed his truck into a crowd and stabbed several passers-by with a knife.

The incident occurred around 12:30 PM on Sunday in the Akihabara shopping district in central Tokyo.

According to witnesses, the man ran away from his vehicle after hitting several pedestrians and started screaming and stabbing people at random.

A 25-year-old man from Shizuoka Prefecture has been taken into custody on suspicion of attempted murder. In his deposition, the man says he was tired of life and came to Akihabara to kill people indiscriminately.

As of 18:33 today, NHK news has officially reported the deaths of seven people, of which, they include: Men aged 19, 20, 29, 33, 47 and 74 . The other was a 21-year-old female.
>SOme Japan Links for more pics..


Blogger Mockingbird said...

To the deepest pit of hell to burn forever. Bloody fucking asshole.

月曜日, 6月 16, 0020 4:59:00 午後  


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