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土曜日, 6月 07, 0020

oh well.....New Aircon for mine Apartment

Last night , mrs bought a small cake to celebrate my birthday.. a really small cake ... hahaha nothing grand... Marcus and Rachel was so excited when they saw the cake.. MArcus said Happy birthday to me.. hehehe..


Rachel has a new Fisher Price Little People Push Car which i bought from yesterday's Galleria Toys R Us reopening celebration.. was a steal at $28...Also poor Rachel fell down the previous day when mrs brought the boy for his enrichment Chinese classes at noon. See the raw laceration on her left knee




decided after comtemplating the whole night.. the aircon has to change today in the morning , went down to GAIN city branch at CCK to get a new unit. Total cost me $1829 include GST for a System3 Non Inverter Version. I opted for the 12 month 0% installment payment thru UOB credit Card. hahaha fist time pay a item using instalment since the last round i used installment was for the Melbourne Air tickets 8 yrs ago for the Diners Credit Card Promo.

Weather today was cloudy and just as we stepped out of our home , it started raining, was telling mrs this rain was heavier than the ones we experienced in Japan. Have not been to LOT1 for a while and found out that the whole place was going thru a facelift. The Food Junction on the basement has also shifted to the fourth floor expansion section. Had our lunch there, then proceeded to GAIN City to buy our Aircon unit... hiaz...


Salesman at the Store explain that we had to rerun all the airconditional trunking so that to ensure 100% efficiency, Also the Stainless Steel Bracket outside the apartment to hold the compressor has to be changed as part of their company's policy. well had to buy a new one.. got 36 lucky dip coupons.. plus 50 pcs of JetAsia Lucky Dip draw .. hope i get something out of the lucky draw.


I am still not used to the way ppl behave in singapore.. no social graces i would say....
Some examples:
- Ppl do not clear their foodtrays at fast food restaurant after their meals.
- Escalator , ppl still cant differentiate between left or right.. ppl in singapore are dumb???
- Mobile phones, ppl talk loudly on their phone , such that people around them hear about their entire life story


Blogger Mockingbird said...

With more and more PRCs flooding our land, we also have more loud and rude buggers shoving us around :(

月曜日, 6月 16, 0020 5:01:00 午後  


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