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土曜日, 6月 28, 0020

the kids...

at least both the kids are ok now.... evening brought them down to the supermarket to do some shopping..


Also saw 7-11 was selling this set of mini Coke Theme cars.. i am missing the red of them and cost only 90 cents each!!


Disney Motor sets from トミカ.. at least i ordered these from Amazon Japan... when i was there in Tokyo , only DM01 and DM02 was avaliable at the Disney shops... i really luv the Mickey and Minnie scooter set. I ordered 6 sets of them.. hahahah




see the scooters... so kawai.. taken at disney shop


Blogger Joycelyn said...


I saw these in Japan when i was there but it wasnt out.

Can i know the link you ordered from as i really wanna get them!!!

月曜日, 6月 30, 0020 11:18:00 午前  
Blogger PrawnKing said...

Hi Joc.. i oredered from amazon japan webby.. hehehe..

heres the link for the minnie scotter.. btw its sold out

火曜日, 7月 01, 0020 11:01:00 午前  


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