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水曜日, 6月 11, 0020

JPY is dropping!!!

its currently at 1.28 at some of the money changeres in town... was looking at the 5 yr JPY exchange rate.. and lowest it has gone was 1.25 and that was during 9/11...

Have been following up on the Aikba case.. apparently , the 25 yr old guy was under the idea that he has been fired from work when he could not find his overalls when he turned up for work at his workplace... and thinking that , he started planning the killings.. hiaz.. sad...

His parents were devasted...


Couple of other random headlines from japan
- New Tokyo Tower to be called 'Tokyo Sky Tree'
- Pimp arrested after sending 16-year-old girl to clients for prostitution
at last got back into the daily routine at work..


Blogger Mockingbird said...

Bloody fucking idiot who claimed he did what he did because he was tired of living. If he was really tired of living, why did he surrender so easily when the police pointed the gun at him? Fucking coward. Got balls to kill people but no balls to be killed. If i were the police, i would gun him down on the spot. Shoot him thru the skull. Empty my gun on him even after he has died. Fucking asshole.

月曜日, 6月 16, 0020 4:58:00 午後  


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