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金曜日, 6月 06, 0020

1 yr older....

hit 35 this yr old liao... seems also today many ppl in office knows about my birthday.. am i a celeb or what???? strange world... oh well...on leave today at home to settle some things also .. aircon outdoor unit is rusty and got complained by HDB, had to call in a aircon service man to review the casing. i think i might need to get a new aircon unit if thats the case. Also have to fix up the kitchen's cabitnet frame.. somehow or rather , it came loose. So i scrapped off all the silicon seal and ready to reapply a new coat of silicon to hold it in place.

Past yr.. what oh what have i done.
- Went for my long awaited Japan trip with the family.
- 2 kids away 7000 km from home for 25 days...
- promoted this yr.. hehehehe..
- did up my home's washroom.
- stopped buying computer stuff for a while.
- Increase my collection of toys.
- stopped downloading anime for awhile.. hahaha.. stupid odex



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