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日曜日, 6月 01, 0020

1 Month in Singapore since Japan Trip

hahaha...its 1 month since i got back.. bro just came back from Narita with some stuffs i asked him to buy.. my fav drink 焼酎 and a にほん keyboard... hehehe..

Last night went down to MArina Square to have a walk around.. nothing much to do in the day as it was rainy.. shopped around JL and Carrefour .. found some of my fav hotwheels ..






Today.. went to Taka and Isetan.. looks like the craze for PIXAR cars has died down..and i managed to find some of the harder to find items..hehehe.. still got 20% off.. there was a sake fair at Isetan .. and being inthe midst of the japanese manning the booth there triggered fond memories... found my 焼酎 selling there too.. but the price was $39.. compared to the 1090 JPY i paid in Tokyo...

Dropped by Taka to see if there was anything new at the fair.. and found the Lego City Cargo Plane 7734 at a discounted price.. bought it for the boy...






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