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木曜日, 5月 01, 0020

Trip Summary

Total brough 700K JPY to japan (9300 SGD) left with nearly 200K JPY(2500JPY). Credit Card signed about 1.5K. Total including airfare 2.1K + 700(Jr Pass) + 6800 + 1500 = 11K for the whole trip.. but i spent a total of about 2.5 to 3K on toys.. in fact without the toys, i would have spent about 9K for the whole trip.

Meals daily are about 6000JPY daily (all 3 meals).

Overall what we did

- took nearly 3200 pics digitally
- dragged single handled 2 luggages( 30inches ) from Airport to hotel and vice versa
- Brought 5 tins of milk powder to Japan
- brought a 20 month old girl on a 25day trip.
- went to Kobe this round.
- went to a japanese pade
- bought nearly 3K of toys..
- shipped a total of 20kilos by surface still waiting for items to arrive.
- love the way the ladies are dress there.. prine and proper.. unlike singapore flipflops, shorts , singlets etc when going out... over there out of 100 female.. only 1 or 2 might not have makeup on.
- irrashaimase!! i love the traditional welcome greeting from any shops when you entered it in japan. And especially when the Major Stores like Isetan just opened and you are the 1st one to dash in (i was looking for a toilet) and everyone will be standing at their counters welcomming you in. **blush** i was looking for a washroom..hehehe
- Also in japan seldom see plump ladies.. told mrs about it also .. hehehe
- Rachel luv the Bic Camera Jingle...hahahaha

Another Clearer one

Strange strange Ikebukuro.
SEIBU is east (of Ikebukuro station) and
TOBU is west (of Ikebukuro station).
SUNSHINE stands high.
"Ikebukuro" is a famous place in Tokyo.
The head store of BIC CAMERA is in Ikebukuro.

"SEIBU" and "TOBU" are the names of department stores in Ikebukuro.
"西 nishi" means "west" and "東 higashi" means "east" in Japanese.

"SUNSHINE" is the name of a high building in Ikebukuro.




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