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木曜日, 5月 29, 0020

small storm brewing..

Vuestar.. wtf is this company you might say.. well over the days... this little know company has been causing a rackle among the webs and forums..

- a local forum got billed $5300 .. when i read this.. it just reminds me of ODEX.. that stupid little company that now has gone quiet..
- New paper also reported on this... oh man.. when i read the report and the owner of the company quoted this from the report
He said: 'We have tried to be good citizens in a country where we thought there was a lot of support for innovation and peoples' rights.

'Instead, the message seems to be, 'We are going to drive you out of this city.'

it this stupid or what... fiak fiak...
- HWZ has a serious discussion on this...

damm.. this is putting singapore in the wrong limelight... firstly the ODEX case.. mas salamat case.. now vuestar case... hiaz.. this is really silly.. sillipore...



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