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火曜日, 5月 13, 0020

Photos Uploaded...

still in progress.. uploaded till day 08 only and has reached 499 photos..

this is the link of my Public Gallery for my Japan Trip photos

Mom is back also from japan.. and she has gotten my stuffs...

i was doing some research on sapporo and discovered that the temperature there never exceeds 15C thruout the year.. and when winter ends then the temp is above 0 C.. i was like .. waaa.. so to bring the kids there if we go....

came across some webby for houses in japan and seems that it can be cheap if the unit is more than 5 yrs old as japanese never like to h=own a house for too long..

was looking at some of the old photos of when me and mrs in japan in 2002 vs pics taken now..

Taken in Oct 2002 Asakusa Temple

Now in April 2008 Asakusa Temple

Oct 2002 Daibutsu,Kamakura

April 2008 Daibutsu,Kamakura




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