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日曜日, 5月 25, 0020

damm week... a issue occured and made me busy.. even when i was on leave on friday.. damm so many phone calls... friday evening i even had to go back to office at 5pm to complete up a report for boss.. by the time i came home , it was already 11 pm...

mrs was a bit unhappy.. but no choice.. seems the rest of the senior guys my boss dun trust... hiaz..

marcus and rachel was not feeling too good this week.. Rachel has a throat infection , and marcus has a irratating throat.. anyway both are well today...

Friday , we went to taka to check out the toy sale.. bought a couple of legos. Caught the Kungfu Panda show..







bought a mounting board from Art Friend .. and had those road plates printed out and pasted on it..Marcus and Rachel luv it....




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