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日曜日, 5月 04, 0020

1st weekend in Singapore

hahaha ... 1st weekend back in singapore .. did some house cleaning, also since the weather was so hot , i changed the cushion cover set. Washed the fans, clean the window grills and blinds. Dusted off all dust from my rooms and kids room..

After a couple of days in Singapore, i noticed the price increase of some items.
- Chicken thighs from market , Normal its 1.60 each now 1.80
- Chu Zhang Fen , Normal 1.30 now 1.40
- Rice Umbrella brand , normal 10Kg pack 13.80 now 26.80
- McDonalds Happy meal Breakfast set , normal 4.00 now 4.10

Whats going on ... hiaz ..

Last night attended my father-in-laws birthday celebration party. His friends organised for him, was held at KTV at Jurong Entertainment Center.

Also just now bought a official license from kaspersky for my PCs anti-virus. Got sick and tired of using cracked and bootlegged versions. Cost me $60USD for 2 yrs.


This pic was taken at John Little Orchard on Thursday, scouring around for a baby gift for my sis-in-law's one month celebration. In the end bought a umbrella styled pram. Bought the Orange colored one which Marcus is sitting in.





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