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金曜日, 5月 02, 0020

1st day at work

After my 25 days holiday in Japan, today 1st day 開始の仕事 . Boss also told me he going for leave next week.. i was like.. hahaha ..he must have been stress lots...

HR also made a announcement.. a fellow colleague died of a heart attack during his sleep.. sad sad just a 35ish yrs old man... gone.. life is short, you might not know what will happen next

Anyway just now after work went to collect my IXUS 500 from Canon HarbourFront. I did not mentioned that on day 2 while at Tokyo Station , I dropped my Ixus500 Cam and the dial to switch mode cannot work. It was stuck at Auto Mode. Luckily i brought my spare Canon IxusIZoom along.. just the the Ixus500 cannot switch mode.. taking normal pictures still ok.

Teh repair was FOC , some minor adjustment needed to be done as the alignment was out due to the drop.

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