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土曜日, 5月 31, 0020

レスキューフォースグッズ -- Tomica Rescue Force

hahaha .. i doubt this will be even be released in singapore anytime... when i was in tokyo , Takara just released these... i bought them without knowing what they were.. and later found out it was a new TV series which was going to be shown on TV Tokyo... anyway .. its avaliable on TV-Nihon.. current its at Ep 07



school holidays for the boy has started last week.. and since he is home the whole day.. he has been creating a mess of the place... oh man.. mrs decided to enrol him into enrichment classes.. ok lor since the boy;s brain will be resting this man.. hahahaha

some how or rather.. more and more ppl from my company has come to know about this blog... should i change my blog address to something different??.. but seriously.. its only my personel stuff...

oh well.. missing Nihon so much.. still stuck in Lesson 1 of Hiragana... "a" "uu" "ii".. hahaha

bro is coming back and has gotten me the a bottle of 焼酎.. is so much cheaper from nihon.. also told him to get me a japanese keyboard.. have converted one of my system to all japanese input... hehehehe... want to learn japanese have to be serious...

I am also seriously looking at property investment in japan ... .. but only thing is earthquake... hiaz..

have been reading recently the blog of emily on am very surprised that she can speak very very fluent japanese .. shes 20 and a american now residing in japan for a short period.. ( how short i dun know ) cause if you are in japan and decided to extend your visa.. there is a Alien Visa thingy which japan imigration practise ..

Q >When do I have to apply for alien registration?
A >You need to apply within 90 days from the date of your landing in Japan. In case a baby was born in Japan, within 60 days from the date of birth, however, it should be noted that with regard to a visa it is necessary to proceed with acquisition of status of residence (visa) within 30 days from the date of birth.

she has several youtube vlogs which i have even downloaded to my phone for playback...her account is applemilk1988

i like these 2 vid the best..

oh well.. i have to start hard on hiragana...

木曜日, 5月 29, 0020

small storm brewing..

Vuestar.. wtf is this company you might say.. well over the days... this little know company has been causing a rackle among the webs and forums..

- a local forum got billed $5300 .. when i read this.. it just reminds me of ODEX.. that stupid little company that now has gone quiet..
- New paper also reported on this... oh man.. when i read the report and the owner of the company quoted this from the report
He said: 'We have tried to be good citizens in a country where we thought there was a lot of support for innovation and peoples' rights.

'Instead, the message seems to be, 'We are going to drive you out of this city.'

it this stupid or what... fiak fiak...
- HWZ has a serious discussion on this...

damm.. this is putting singapore in the wrong limelight... firstly the ODEX case.. mas salamat case.. now vuestar case... hiaz.. this is really silly.. sillipore...

日曜日, 5月 25, 0020

damm week... a issue occured and made me busy.. even when i was on leave on friday.. damm so many phone calls... friday evening i even had to go back to office at 5pm to complete up a report for boss.. by the time i came home , it was already 11 pm...

mrs was a bit unhappy.. but no choice.. seems the rest of the senior guys my boss dun trust... hiaz..

marcus and rachel was not feeling too good this week.. Rachel has a throat infection , and marcus has a irratating throat.. anyway both are well today...

Friday , we went to taka to check out the toy sale.. bought a couple of legos. Caught the Kungfu Panda show..







bought a mounting board from Art Friend .. and had those road plates printed out and pasted on it..Marcus and Rachel luv it....


木曜日, 5月 22, 0020

クーリーハイハーモニー (Cooley HighWay Harmony)

みなさん found the video i wanted... we caught this grp クーリーハイハーモニー performing at 大阪 when we were there last month in Japan . Nice song : Travelling for You

月曜日, 5月 19, 0020

hiaz.. mrs is not well

mrs caught the stomach flu .. yesterday and today did not go out at all as mrs was totally out.. she was so tired after taking the medicine from the doctor. Made some Playroad maps for the kids play on. Print it out on a direct A4 sheets and decide how you want to join them up ... Marcus luv it so much...

Plate 1

Plate 2

Plate 3

Plate 4

A Sample Car Park

土曜日, 5月 17, 0020

Start of long weekend..

yeah... nearly had my weekend burnt by some issues at work, but managed to resolved it at the eleventh hour. Had some things to do this weekend.

- Clean up my Japan City and prepare to lay down the Yamanote lines.
- Get a spanner to screw tight the crank of my bicycle tightly.

- Get a power supply unit to replace the blown out unit when we returned back to Singapore. The power supply got shorted due to the surge.

Went out in the afternoon when the kids were asleep to settle these items. Went to Sungei Road , managed to get the box spanner for $6 , nearly bought this in japan for $14. Bought also some M14 size spring washer to ensure the nut does not come loose again.

Dropped by OG Albert and saw that a lego set was on clearance offer 50% off. Its a Racer Technics Set. Usual $101.95.

My items which we shipped from Osaka and Tokyo arrived on Wed. Marcus was so happy that his truck was here. Begged me to open when i got home in the evening on that day.




day was so sunny at noon when we went to the plaze for lunch and some grocery buying..


Evening , went for a dinner with my bro and parents at Roberston Walk... place was nice.. Bro treated cause he promoted to First Officer.. ya he is a pilot. Nice job , i really envy him.





金曜日, 5月 16, 0020

WII steering..

when i was in Japan last month , Nintendo released a add on called a WII steering.. cool looking device.. the whole of Yamanote line LCD screens was playing this cute little advert.. and even at the station also has these posters..


火曜日, 5月 13, 0020

Photos Uploaded...

still in progress.. uploaded till day 08 only and has reached 499 photos..

this is the link of my Public Gallery for my Japan Trip photos

Mom is back also from japan.. and she has gotten my stuffs...

i was doing some research on sapporo and discovered that the temperature there never exceeds 15C thruout the year.. and when winter ends then the temp is above 0 C.. i was like .. waaa.. so to bring the kids there if we go....

came across some webby for houses in japan and seems that it can be cheap if the unit is more than 5 yrs old as japanese never like to h=own a house for too long..

was looking at some of the old photos of when me and mrs in japan in 2002 vs pics taken now..

Taken in Oct 2002 Asakusa Temple

Now in April 2008 Asakusa Temple

Oct 2002 Daibutsu,Kamakura

April 2008 Daibutsu,Kamakura


月曜日, 5月 12, 0020

Tokyo Web Cam

l like this link, its a live fed from some cams station at Asakusa Area, Ginza , Narita Airport.. now i know why its called Land of the rising sun. The morning breaks very early.. when i was there.. at 430am local japan time , the sky was turning bright and at 5 am .. its already bright.

Tokyo Street Channel

Hiaz still waiting for my japan packages to arrive.. one from Osaka and the other from Tokyo.

日曜日, 5月 11, 0020

Rachel wants to feed herself..

noticed since sat , that the girl wanted to feed herself. She would refuse us to feed her. Even today in town for lunch also , she refuses us to feed her. Looks like the girl will be independent soon... now she does not want to sit in the pram at all when we go out.. most of the time since we came back from japan , we have not brought the pram out.




Today collected a 2GB CF card from a seller and glad that the price is only $15


Anyway i took a pic of the damage to the camera when i dropped it. Can you see the small dent on the camera body at the corner near the flash.


土曜日, 5月 10, 0020

1 Week in Singapore since Japan Trip

till today my knee still hurts slightly but is better.. i still have slight difficulty getting up and down.

Today sis-in-law held her baby's one month celebration. So we planned it to be at her home early. But in the end, we arrived there around 11am .. haha all for planning early.

The kids had fun the whole day and boy am i tired.. brought them for a swim too.





金曜日, 5月 09, 0020

shochu - iichiko

wats shochu? you might ask..iichiko brand i like.

From Wiki
Shōchū (焼酎, Shōchū?) is an alcoholic beverage of Japan, most commonly distilled from barley, sweet potato or rice. Typically it is 25% alcohol by volume, making it weaker than whisky, but stronger than wine and sake.

Shōchū is produced everywhere in Japan, yet the home of shochu is Kyūshū island

i enjoy drinking this and when i was in Japan , i finished 2 bottles. Will be asking my brother to buy this when he flies there this month end.

Japan price is abou 1100JPY for a 720ml bottle.. in singapore its $14 for a 200ml bottle.. imagine the price diff.

damm.. i should have brought back one more bottle when i came back.


木曜日, 5月 08, 0020

Early warning system fails again as M6.7 quake hits Tokyo, Ibaraki, Saitama and Chiba

Read the news from .. lucky no massive damage

An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 hit extensive areas centering on the Kanto region including Tokyo in the early hours of Thursday injuring six people, with an early warning failing to be issued in time again. The six people in Tokyo, Ibaraki, Saitama and Chiba prefectures sustained minor injuries due to the 1:45 a.m. quake, according to the government’s Fire and Disaster Management Agency.

The quake measured lower 5 on the Japanese seismic intensity scale of 7 in Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture, and Motegi, Tochigi Prefecture, the Japan Mete, the Japan Meteorological Agency said. No tsunamis were reported.

The meteorological agency’s early warning system for major quakes made an announcement 58 seconds after preliminary tremors were detected.

When an earthquake jolted Miyako Island, Okinawa Prefecture, and its vicinity on April 28, the agency announced a quake intensity warning for the first time since its introduction last October but the warning was not issued before the arrival of the quake’s principal motion.

Takashi Yokota, the head of the agency’s Earthquake and Tsunami Observation Division, said the agency will study the feasibility of improving the methods for calculating magnitude because its initial underestimation of the 1:45 a.m. quake was behind the delay in Thursday’s issuance of an early warning.

The early warning system is designed to predict how strong the intensity of a quake may grow—as soon as possible before the quake actually shakes a region—and it is supposed to be activated when intensity is expected to be at a level of lower 5 or above.

Weaker temblors were felt in extensive areas including Tokyo, where the quake registered 3 on the Japanese scale.

The focus of the quake was around 51 kilometers below the surface of the sea in the Pacific off the coast of Ibaraki Prefecture.

The meteorological agency initially estimated the quake’s magnitude at 6.7 and the depth of the focus at 40 kilometers but later revised those figures.

水曜日, 5月 07, 0020

Knee painful..

hiaz.. right knee is painful, looks like i cant strain my knee too much. Before the japan trip, Past 4 weeks in japan my knee was ok. But before that in singapore, knee started to show signs of strain when i jogged. Looks like i have to stop jogging for a while. Last night still went for a 5KM run... hiaz pushing myself too much.

火曜日, 5月 06, 0020

Shichida method .. ??

hiaz.. need to start looking at all these ECA for my boy.. dun want him to be behind in this competitive world. Funny thing happen , this weekend at the Plaza, Marcus kept on saying he wanted to go to the library to borrow books. So we went in the evening and he picked some books, he liked. Then at home he pestered me to read to him, which of course i did. And surprise surprise.. some long words like underground , platform , lowrider he knows how to pronouce and read.

Again this morning he told me to read a book to him before i left for work. Looks like after the japan trip he has a eagerness to learn.

Found a interesting website

月曜日, 5月 05, 0020


Knew that Golden week was in the beginning of May l;ucky us we returned on Tuesday last week.

Airports, train stations crammed with Golden Week travelers
Saturday 03rd May, 05:51 PM JST

Major Japanese railroad stations, airports and highways were crammed with travelers heading for resorts and hometowns Saturday as congestion peaked at the start of the second half of the extended Golden Week holiday period in Japan. Shinkansen bullet trains leaving Tokyo were packed, with Tokaido, Tohoku and Joetsu Shinkansen lines seeing seat-occupancy rates top 100%.

Seat-occupancy rates for the Nozomi No. 3 bullet train bound for Hakata, western Japan, marked 200% at Nagoya station, in central Japan. Meanwhile, long traffic jams formed on outbound highway lanes from the capital.

At Tokyo’s Haneda airport, Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways flights were all fully booked in the morning. An estimated 43,600 people were due to leave Japan for overseas destinations via Narita airport near Tokyo on Saturday, according to the Narita International Airport Corp. But the number was smaller than usual as this year’s Golden Week holidays are scattered over an eight-day period, airport officials said, adding that most travelers will return to Japan on Tuesday.

Also read on JapanToday that the Osaka's symbol Kuidaore doll on sale, due to the restaurant upcoming closure.

One of the symbols of Osaka is a mechanical doll in Dotonbori, Osaka. Not many people know it is a mascot character of a restaurant behind where stands but those who visit Osaka never forget to take photos with him. The doll has an official name: Kuidaore Taro. Kuidaore means “to ruin oneself by extravagance in food.” He has been there since 1950. But he is on sale now because the restaurant will be closed .... Read Link for more

日曜日, 5月 04, 0020

1st weekend in Singapore

hahaha ... 1st weekend back in singapore .. did some house cleaning, also since the weather was so hot , i changed the cushion cover set. Washed the fans, clean the window grills and blinds. Dusted off all dust from my rooms and kids room..

After a couple of days in Singapore, i noticed the price increase of some items.
- Chicken thighs from market , Normal its 1.60 each now 1.80
- Chu Zhang Fen , Normal 1.30 now 1.40
- Rice Umbrella brand , normal 10Kg pack 13.80 now 26.80
- McDonalds Happy meal Breakfast set , normal 4.00 now 4.10

Whats going on ... hiaz ..

Last night attended my father-in-laws birthday celebration party. His friends organised for him, was held at KTV at Jurong Entertainment Center.

Also just now bought a official license from kaspersky for my PCs anti-virus. Got sick and tired of using cracked and bootlegged versions. Cost me $60USD for 2 yrs.


This pic was taken at John Little Orchard on Thursday, scouring around for a baby gift for my sis-in-law's one month celebration. In the end bought a umbrella styled pram. Bought the Orange colored one which Marcus is sitting in.



金曜日, 5月 02, 0020

1st day at work

After my 25 days holiday in Japan, today 1st day 開始の仕事 . Boss also told me he going for leave next week.. i was like.. hahaha ..he must have been stress lots...

HR also made a announcement.. a fellow colleague died of a heart attack during his sleep.. sad sad just a 35ish yrs old man... gone.. life is short, you might not know what will happen next

Anyway just now after work went to collect my IXUS 500 from Canon HarbourFront. I did not mentioned that on day 2 while at Tokyo Station , I dropped my Ixus500 Cam and the dial to switch mode cannot work. It was stuck at Auto Mode. Luckily i brought my spare Canon IxusIZoom along.. just the the Ixus500 cannot switch mode.. taking normal pictures still ok.

Teh repair was FOC , some minor adjustment needed to be done as the alignment was out due to the drop.

ラベル: ,

木曜日, 5月 01, 0020

Trip Summary

Total brough 700K JPY to japan (9300 SGD) left with nearly 200K JPY(2500JPY). Credit Card signed about 1.5K. Total including airfare 2.1K + 700(Jr Pass) + 6800 + 1500 = 11K for the whole trip.. but i spent a total of about 2.5 to 3K on toys.. in fact without the toys, i would have spent about 9K for the whole trip.

Meals daily are about 6000JPY daily (all 3 meals).

Overall what we did

- took nearly 3200 pics digitally
- dragged single handled 2 luggages( 30inches ) from Airport to hotel and vice versa
- Brought 5 tins of milk powder to Japan
- brought a 20 month old girl on a 25day trip.
- went to Kobe this round.
- went to a japanese pade
- bought nearly 3K of toys..
- shipped a total of 20kilos by surface still waiting for items to arrive.
- love the way the ladies are dress there.. prine and proper.. unlike singapore flipflops, shorts , singlets etc when going out... over there out of 100 female.. only 1 or 2 might not have makeup on.
- irrashaimase!! i love the traditional welcome greeting from any shops when you entered it in japan. And especially when the Major Stores like Isetan just opened and you are the 1st one to dash in (i was looking for a toilet) and everyone will be standing at their counters welcomming you in. **blush** i was looking for a washroom..hehehe
- Also in japan seldom see plump ladies.. told mrs about it also .. hehehe
- Rachel luv the Bic Camera Jingle...hahahaha

Another Clearer one

Strange strange Ikebukuro.
SEIBU is east (of Ikebukuro station) and
TOBU is west (of Ikebukuro station).
SUNSHINE stands high.
"Ikebukuro" is a famous place in Tokyo.
The head store of BIC CAMERA is in Ikebukuro.

"SEIBU" and "TOBU" are the names of department stores in Ikebukuro.
"西 nishi" means "west" and "東 higashi" means "east" in Japanese.

"SUNSHINE" is the name of a high building in Ikebukuro.