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土曜日, 4月 12, 0020

Day 8 - 12 April Akihabara

sunny day again... good day for outdoor walking..and also cloudy.. so the sun is not that strong.. went down to Electric Town.. and found the train toy shop which i order my stuffs from.. but too bad the front desk person could not speak japanese.. so in the end i did not get anything from the shop.. bought 3 items today .. a HDD rack for SATA drive.. a 500GB HD .. and a cheap SATA casing...

anyway kids and mrs were tired today after the long day yesterday at Disney.. so we left for the hotel early.. reached here at 5pm.. and put the kids to sleep by 8pm.. so that me and mrs can pack our bags for Monday's trip to Osaka..all planned out..

10am checked out.. leave for train station Tokyo at 11 am.. catch the 1133 Shinkansen to Osaka arrive by 3pm at Osaka.. look for hotel..check in by 5pm.. thats our plan..











at last found out that the area we are staying in is the famous Yanaka Ginza District.. many stores are featured in a NHK weekly program.. especially the food stores!!!.. actually the walk from Nippori JR Station to our hotel is just a brief 10 mins stroll to the hotel.. ( the pink dot in the map )



Blogger Shuumi said...

HI! Seems like you have lots of fun! So Shiok!!!!!

Erm, abt the Tokyo Shinkansen, i think u need to buffer at least 30mins... best to REACH Tokyo Statn at 11am cos Tokyo Station is huge and the shinkansen are in a different place. Not going to be easy lugging your luggage ard.

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