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金曜日, 4月 11, 0020

Day 7 - 11 April Tokyo Disney Resort (TDR)

sunny sunny day today...guess what..on the way to the resort., met a fellow blogger and her family... she introduced herself and said she read my blog... i was like err... first time in my blog history have i met someone.. and somemore in Tokyo.. 3000 miles from singapore... lol....She and her family were also on the way to TDR...chatted with them on the way to the resort.. lovely daughters they have too....

pics i will post later.. heaps..330 plus pics...-->> ok sat came back to room early as mrs and kids were tired from yesterday's here i am now uploading the pics... lol....

Anway to continue.. TDR is celebrating its 25 Anniversary..was surprised to see that the parade for the 25th Anniversary celebration was scheduled today... it should officially start on 15 April.. but i think its for the Press as i saw many ppl with Press badges linning up along the parade route.. there is even a special section block off for them...



This flight of stairs frighten me on the first day when i arrived at Tokyo.. cause i was pulling 2 luggages and imagine when you see a flight of 40 odd steps.. i was so tired and wanted to give up.. told mrs.. lets get a cab.. but when i saw the slope on the side of the stairs.. i was delighted... hahahaha.. i could slide the trolley slowly piece by piece down it....

























luv the kids pictures.... bro and sister... hiaz....lovely...









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