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木曜日, 4月 10, 0020

Day 6 - 10 April Rainy day!!!

Rainy day again... was suppose to bring the kids to TDR( Tokyo Disney Resort ) but the weather spoilt everything... we made the trip there hoping the rain will stop and the weather report was wrong.. but boy were we wrong... the end , we spent nearly 3hrs at the disney Store there.. and good as there was no crowd at the store...bought a couple of things.. mostly Tomicas Disney Diecast.. also since its the 25Anniversary of the park... there were many 25th anniversary theme items..

Left the theme Park store around 3 pm.. and headed back to Tokyo.. walked around Tokyo station , Changed our JR Pass at the JR Pass Office and reserved seats on the Shinkansen for the trip to Osaka on Monday....after that got back early 5pm so that the kids can have a early night for tomorrow morning.. based on weather report.. it should be sunny in the day.. and come late evening cloudy...brrrr.. now the temp is 10C.. and raining heavily outside...













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