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水曜日, 4月 09, 0020

Day 5 - 9 April Asakusa / Odaiba

Sunny day today!!!...yeah..time to explore some areas outside... first stop of the day Asakusa Temple.. the big lantern temple..











Big Lanterns....nice..... place was crowded with many tourists and locals.. took many photos here... plan was after Sensoji Temple Asakusa, to make our way to Odaiba by ferry. There is a terminal directly 5 mins walk from Asakusa temple.. the ferry point is directly opposite Ashahi Building...










The ferry to Odaiba is oppsite this junction at the corner ... Ashahi Building is behind it across the bridge...












The ferry from Suijobus Asakusa Pier cost about 1200 JPY.. wanted to take the direct boat to Odaiba but the boat was cancelled for that day..anyway the whole ferry trip took us nearly 1.5 hrs.. mrs was complaining its slow...hahahaha..she should should have taken the train....After arriving at the Odaiba Seaside Park pier , took some pics.. then rush to the train station.

Took the train from Odaiba Station to Aomi for Toyota Megaweb and the historical Museum. Train ticket on Odaiba Island is not cheap..sibeh ex!!!Anyway arrived at Palette Town, and searched for a place for a late lunch (3pm by then!!). Found a Chinese Noodle shop where all the tours groups would stop by for lunch.. we also had our lunch there... hahaha.. the taiwanese tour guide of one of the grp tot we were japaneses.... and spoke to us in nihon..saying how handsome Marcus was...






A midget!!!first time i saw a real one ...





Also took the E-One Ride at Megaweb.. cool looking cars.. drives with no hands...

MEGA WEB, adjacent to the VenusFort complex is a car themed spot with approximately 150 kinds of car displayed. Many Toyota models are on permanent display at Toyota City Showcase and the newest models and remodeled cars are displayed at the same time as they are released. A ride in one of these cars can be had for just 300 yen at the Ride On, but prior booking is required - reservations can be made 1 month ahead of time on the website and a reservation in advance is recommended to help you make the most of your time in Japan. ( With displays and exhibitions centered on Toyota sports cars, hybrid cars and the company's user-friendly advanced technology, MEGA WEB is the place to see for car lovers.





Anonymous Joycelyn said...

Thank you for sharing your pictures in Japan can i just check with you what internet connection you use in Japan? Are there wireless networks like wireless@sg in Singapore?


金曜日, 4月 11, 0020 11:23:00 午前  
Blogger PrawnKing said...

hi joycelyn.. thanks for visiting....most hotels should have some form of connection be it wireless or wired.. mine is wired.. and there is a network cable provided too... btw i brought my own network cable also..just in case.. cheers :)

金曜日, 4月 11, 0020 9:24:00 午後  
Blogger PrawnKing said...

oh btw .. i do not know if there is any wireless network which are free... i surf and post from my room in the night...

金曜日, 4月 11, 0020 9:26:00 午後  
Anonymous Joycelyn said...

thanks! Which means the hotel internet is free?

日曜日, 4月 13, 0020 12:41:00 午前  
Blogger PrawnKing said...

yep those with connection .. is free if its stated during check-in

日曜日, 4月 13, 0020 9:34:00 午前  


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