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火曜日, 4月 08, 0020

Day 4 - 8 April Shinjuku / Amlux

rainy day !!!!.... so only place to go are indoors!!!... Checked out Shinjuku Taka Times Square , since the place was wet.. no place to go too.. sad.. with kids thats the problem... cant afford to go out in the rain even with brollies(umbrella)...










had lunch nearby... lunch was so so niah.. again with kids.. time spent is looking for place to eat.. looking for place to change diaper..make






After the kids had their milk and Rachel diaper change at Taka, we proceeded on for Ikeburuko again, as yesterday Amlux was close..Marcus kept on saying he wanted to see Toyotas...hahah the we went to Ikeburuko..... with umbrella..stroller cover....








Poor girl's finger... but lucky no serious damage...





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