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火曜日, 4月 08, 0020

Day 3 - 7 April Ikeburuko

slightly wet day today... so decided to spend the day at Ikeburuko Sunshine City...also wanted to check out the Toyota Amulux Showroom.. and discovered that it closes on Monday.. damm.. anyway.. spent nearly the whole day at Sunshine Tower.. and also went up the observation deck at the 60th storey... nice view.. but was cloudy...also found TRU at Ikeburuko.. nica store.. big selection of baby diapers... and pricewise not ex.. slightly cheaper then SGP...mrs bought 1 pack for the girl to use...also bought quite a number of toys especially a unique ambulance for Marcus , he kept on asking for it.. hehehehe.. actually i also like it.






The famous Sunshine street entrance....after that had lunch at one eatry .. serving chinese food ... wih kids we have to be selective on food... else once kids grouchy spoil everyone's mood....hehehehe






will update more later..i am doing this on 9 april at

Since Amlux was closed , we checked out Tokyu HAnds a DIY store opp Amlux.. its huge 7 floors of various items...!!






After that its off to sunshine city after lunch... Namja Town , observatory and a aquarium are here






Marcus's Ambulance





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