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日曜日, 4月 27, 0020

Day 23 - 27 April Shinjuku , Asakusa and Ibekuruko

mrs wanted to drop by asakusa street again to do some shopping.. morning dropped by there again and had our lunch there at one of the chinese restaurant there...

Later in the afternoon, we went over to Shinjuku for a walk. Their streets are all close this weekend cause of the upcoming Golden Week(ゴールデンウィーク) starting on Tuesday..

Tomorrow evening returning back home to Singapore... hiaz.. seems so fast my 25 days holidays....










Anyway after the Asuka Sawamoto Incident at Akiba on 20th April (i missed it.. :( ) , The local police has banned all acts and has signs shown prominently..

Heres the video Link on news about the incident on 20th April



After Shinjuku , we rushed down to Ikeburuko Toys R Us as i promised Marcus i will get him the Police car which is similar to the Ambulance bought the first week when we were there. Actually the ambulance and police were unique, it had buttons to press which will play back a annoucement in japanese asking cars to give way.






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