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土曜日, 4月 26, 0020

Day 22 - 26 April Tokyo and Kinshichō

Lunch ate at a Chinese Cafe at Akihba Square then went to Kinshichō town to shop around, today basically doing some last minute shopping before we return to singapore on Monday evening flight. How time flies, during the beginning of the trip its seems slow.. after back to Tokyo from Osaka, time seems to flies faster... went to the bigger Daiso store that was at Kinshichō, mrs wanted to shop there. Seriously Singapore Daiso at $2 is not cheap compared to Japan's Daiso of 100JPY (1.35SGD).

After Daiso , we went back to Tokyo Station to have our dinner and also shopped at Character street again. After which we made our way back to Nippori..

Some photos ....

















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