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木曜日, 4月 24, 0020

Day 20 - 24 April Imperial Palace, EdiSu and Shibuya

today's weather slightly rainy , by the time we left the hotel , the rain cleared up and was slightly sunny. So decided to go to the Imperial Palace grounds via Tokyo Station Marunouchi South Exit where you can see the whole brick structure of Tokyo Station. But unfortunately , the whole place was undergoing some restoration works.










After walking the Imperial Palace gorunds, time for lunch.. had lunch at a chinese Restaturant near JR Yurakucho Staion outside BIC camera. After lunch, we dropped by MrCraft near Ebisu station to check out some tomicas.





After shopping at the shop, continued the trip to Shibuya for shopping around the area.. hehehe lucky mrs is not into clothes and makeup. Else she will want to keep on returning to Shibuya...







After dinner , rain started as per weather forecast.. in Japan , i have learned to trust the weather report here.. i use this daily to check the weather for the next 24hrs -> JMA.. The ppl crossing the Shibuya junction was a sight to behold.. many umbrellas





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