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月曜日, 4月 07, 0020

Day 2 - 6 April Ueno / Tokyo Station Area

As usual Marcus woke up early.. and going out with him for a morning walk was not a simple task as changing him... now he has to wear his jacket and change his clothes. Made our way around the estate , took some pics... and got back.. by then Rachel was awake..






as expected with kids.. did not expect to leave early.. by the time we got ready it was close to 9 am and with the kids in tow , the walk to Nippori Station was slowed down further by more photo taking.along the way.. and buying bread for the kids...the street to Nippori station from out hotel seems to be some sort of shopping streets.. prices should be cheaper here as many locals shopped here...we also took our first cherry blossom pics on the way to Nippori Station.

Weather was sunny and cooling... kids luved it.













Took some pics of trains overlooking the tracks towards Nippori









After Lunch at Ueno, pass by Yamashiroya Store Ueno Branch and bought some stuffs there... spent nearly $250 on Ngaguge stuffs/Tomica and a Lego set for Marcus.... really nice store.. cramp but lots of items...even managed to buy a pair of new Tomica Japan Unimog.











After Ueno , we decided to check out Tokyo Station where the Tomica Shop was .. the station was doing some upgrading and signs were not that clear... but all in all seems whole of japan are catering to mums with kids... all the baby rooms are newly built and also lifts are everywhere in the stations now.. except for those suburb/local trains... so a advised to visiting parents with a stroller.. use JR trains if possible.. more accessible if you do not want to lug your stroller up a flight of 30 stairs...

Back to Tokyo Staion, they have a character theme street store lane...the Japanese Business man sure know how to cash in on the popularity of their TV culture characters... irrionically its called the Tokyo Character Street...
The underground throughway has one cafe and 14 shops dedicated to anime, manga, games, and character goods. Everything from Studio Ghibli figurines and Gundam models to Domo-kun plush toys and Death Note paraphernalia is available, but without the long treks required at Akihabara, Nakano, Shibuya, and other otaku haunts. The shops include the NHK-Character Shop, NTV-ya, TBS Store, Fuji TV Shop, TV Asahi Shop, TV Tokyo Shop, Ultraman World M78, Ct no Kobeya May (for Sanrio goods), Jump Shop (Shonen Jump and its sibling magazines), Snoopy Town Mini, Tomica Shop (Tomy toy cars), Donguri Garden (Ghibli goods), Rascal Shop (World Masterpiece Theater anime goods), Lego Click-Brick, and tame cafe





and of couse TOMICA Shop at Tokyo..its at the end of the central exit.. on the left end of the Character street...Marcus and Rachel were so happy running about the shop.. the whole shop was very crowded...






After that we had dinner at one of the restaurant at Marunouchi buidling basement.. got back to hotel about 8 pm as most shops closes at 8pm...




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