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水曜日, 4月 23, 0020

Day 19 - 23 April Kamakura and Ofuna

Todays weather was great.. sunny and cloudy, made a day trip to Kamakura using the JR Yokosuka line bound for Zushi. Took us about an hour to reach Kamakura station from Tokyo Station (890JPY)









Hase Station.. nice looking old station





After Viewing the Daibutsu at Hase, we made our way back to Kamakura and Ofuna Station to see the Ofuna Kan'non.. the white statue of the Goddess of Mercy overlooking Ofuna Station.

Also here is the famous Shonan Monorail, the train which runs from a overhung rail.




The long steep climb up the slope





still has one lone cherry blossom tree in bloom at the top





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