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火曜日, 4月 22, 0020

Day 18 - 22 April DisneySea Resort

Ok at least Marcus has recovered .. dun really know what happened to him .. occasionally he will get this throwing up thingy. Anyway after medication the previous day, he did not throw up since evening and thru the night.

This morning both the kids got up at 8am and ready for the trip to Disney. Marcus could even remember the spot he threw out at Tokyo Station. The boy!!!


Arrived at about 11am at TDR and went to find out how to get to Disney Sea. Found out that to save the 25 mins walk from the JR Station to the DisneySea's Park Entrance, we had to take the Disney Resort Line (250JPY Per adult per trip). Marcus was so excited that we were going to take the Disney Train, which he has been mentioning all the while eversince we went to the Land portion

Even tot it was a weekday (Tuesday in fact) , mrs commented how come the park still got so many ppl .. i told her maybe its because Golden week starts next week and ppl could have taken early leave... Spent the whole day there.. had lunch and dinner there.. Lunch and dinner were not really to our taste buds, and pricewise not cheap.. total for both meals alone spent nearly 7K JPY...also we rented a additional pram for Rachel as Marcus is always sitting in her pram for this trip.

Rides alone.. Marcus could not go to a few due to height restrictions..( at least 1.3m)
1)Mysterious Island
- Journey to the Center of the Earth
2)Lost River Delta
- Indiana Jones Adventure Temple of the Crystal Skull
- Raging Spirits

but he managed to ride the Tower of Terror at American Waterfront. After the ride , he said he wanted to go another round. He says he like fast. The boy!!!

Left the resort grounds about 9pm.. saw the fireworks and the Spring Carnival night parade...




















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