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日曜日, 4月 20, 0020

Day 16 - 20 April Back to Tokyo

Today , we left for Tokyo from Osaka, booked the seats for the 1213 train leaving Shin-Osaka to Tokyo. Checked out from hotel at 10am and left for the station. Reached Shin-Osaka at about 1030am.. and just as we got off the Midosuji Line train on the platform, I realised my backpack and laptop bag was left on the train!! Luckily did not panick, quickly approach the train staff on the platform and inform him about my bags. He brought me down to the station Master's office and he informed one of the staff there. The staff check a time schedule and mentioned that the train will return back to this same station. So in a matter of less than 10 mins, he came back with my backpack and laptop. Kudos to the staff of Shin-Osaka Station Midosuji line.

After this episodes, the time was already 1045 and as our reserved seats on the Shinkansen was 1213pm, we decided to change the time to 1113, to leave an hour earlier for Tokyo. Packed a set of Bento lunch from one of the restaurant at the station to have it on the trip back to Tokyo. Weather today is hot!!.. at least 25C. Plan today was to reach our Hotel at Nippori then unpack bags to wash some clothes.

Arrived hotel at 3pm.. and did some washing, kids were also hungry by then. Had already bought some finger food , so we whipped up some instant noodles.. hahaha...








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