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金曜日, 4月 18, 0020

Day 14 - 18 April Kyoto

After settling the package to be sent back to homeland at the post office.. cost me 4500JPY to send a 8kg parcel back home....

Today decided to make the trip to Kyoto to visit the famous Kiyomizudera Temple("Pure Water Temple")..left osaka about 11am.. took the Shinkansen to Kyoto 20 mins.. arrived at Kyoto Station.. decided to have a early lunch as the trip to the Temple will not be able to stop for meals...

Had lunch at Kyoto Station... Cha Ha( fried Rice) and Kuna Don(Beef Rice with egg).. dunno is it spelt this way or

then proceeded to the Tourist information booth to get to the temple... time was around 1pm liao... and damm it was still mao mao rain... so we waited and laze around Isetan JR Kyoto... and found some tomicas there.. hahaha. a JR Kyoto Special edition bus ( 1050 JPY ).. and also a NHK Jeep ( 950JPY )..

After half an hour..the rain stopped completely.. then we proceeded to take bus 206 to Gojo-Zaka .. the street leading to the Temple... a quick 15 mins ride.. strange.. every time the bus stop at the lights, the driver will turn off the engine.. is it a regulation???.. then once the lights turn green the driver will proceed to turn on the engine again to move the bus...

We spent nearly 2 hrs at the temple.. and by the timne we left for Kyoto Station, it was already 430pm.. and the buses back to Kyoto station were packed.. so we took a cab.. the cab fare from the temple to Kyoto is less than 1000 JPY...











on the long steep climb up the road to the Temple...











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