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金曜日, 4月 18, 0020

Day 13 - 17 April Osaka Castle

woke up and found it was raining.. so went out once the rain stopped at 1130am... Rachel is so much better now... her meals are normal.. and milk drinking is also normal.. no stoppage in the 2 regimes.. plan today since did not go to Nagoya today as it was raining and the whole trip to Nagoya will take 3 hrs plus to get to the Toyota KaiKan Plant , we scrapped the plan.. planned Osaka Castle instead..

Left Hotel around noon time when rain stopped.. and had lunch at Tennoji Station..

**** damm something is wrong with blogger again to post pics... so all pics are posted from my photobucket account ****











After Lunch , we headed straight for Osaka Castle using the Jr Loop line.. sky look cloudy and might rain anytime.. so we had to be fast...luckily , the rain missed us.. it started to drizzle again after we finish with the photos at Osaka Castle






damm long flight of stairs.. had to go up this flight of stairs with the baby stroller... damm damm.. complain to mrs this flight of stairs was not here 5yrs back.. hahaha.. then it dawn on me that we came in the other direction.. we are entering thru the main gate of the castle while the previous time , we were entering thru the rear.. After reaching the top, kids wanted their milk... hiaz.. milk stop again...













After the trip to the castle , we stopped by hotel New Otani nearby for Rachel's Diaper change and a short rest for the kids indoors.. by the time we left for the train station , rain started.. lucky us , it was a drizzle.. so still managable... also due to the rain , suspect there was a accident at Osaka Station due to the vast amount of train staff at the station inspecting a section of the tracks.. the whole platform was crawling with Train staff ....anyway we were delayed like for 20mins ...


had our dinner at Osaka Station area.. then walked around the place a while.. but left around 8pm for the kids to have a early night sleep... tomorrow we plan to go to Kyoto.. hope the weather holds...



the box the kids are on are some of the stuffs we gotten in Osaka.. which tomorrow going to the post office to send back home to singapore by surface... luckily the post office is just 10 steps away from my hotel.. hahahaha...





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