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水曜日, 4月 16, 0020

Day 11 - 15 April Nara

woke up early this morning.. about 7am and left at 8am for Nara... took the Nara Kintetsu Express from Namba station about 540JPY per adult.. and the trip took about 30 mins from Namba... arrived there about 10am..... did not know the hotel i am staying in is so convenient.....and weather was bright and sunny.. with a cool breeze... but still needed the jackets...

spent the whole day at Nara.. and saw the deers.. went thru that hole in that column of wood at Todaiji Temple.. saw the 5 Storey Pagoda.. and damm a deer chew off a portion of a map we were using... dun know why.. it must be hungry

















The kids had fun going round and round into the hole... lol..







today walked at least 5km up and down from Nara station to the sights at Todaji ... kids were tired..


had dinner around Namba Park Shopping area.. then after that proceeded for a walk at Namba Park.. nothing much.. except spent sometime at TRU at Namba Park...after which we walked back to the hotel and arrived at 9plus pm.. put the kids to sleep at 10pm as tomorrow morning will be getting up at around 8 am to leave for Kyoto...








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