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月曜日, 4月 14, 0020

Day 10 - 14 April Osaka / Dotobori

Check out from Hotel at 10am and arrived Tokyo Station at 1015am... found our platform for the Shinkansen.. and proceeded to look for food for the kids... hahahaha.... after kids had their fill at 11 am.. went back to the platform and took the train to Osaka .. Hikari SuperExpress 411.. we reserved 2 seats in the reserved cars.. Car No 13...Seat 16A and B

Arrived Osaka at 230 pm... took the subway to Namba and got off at Namba station.. walked to our hotel using the underground shopping mall link.. Namba Walk.. and managed to get to our hotel by 345pm.... hehehehe... found out room has no direct internet connection only internet connection is found in the guest lounge downstairs. ... but i still managed to find a unsecured wireless network.. and now am leeching off it to post this ... hehehe .. found also Tomica Shop Osaka on the way to the hotel too... hehehehe


Room here is nice...!!!! 3 mins walk from subway.. and 3 mins to dotobori!!!!

and rate i paid for 6 nights 56,700JPY... works out to about...$130 a night... mrs luv the room...hahahaha...makes you wonder how bad the room at Tokyo is like... actually its not too bad.. just the bathroom has only standing space for 1 person...and she always has to wash the kids up in a cramp toilet space...hahaha

8pm .. Ok just got back to the room .. and now the kids are asleep at 10pm now... so i have some time to post some pics taken today....

Morning pics taken at Tokyo and on the Hikari Shinkansen..














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