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土曜日, 4月 05, 0020

Arrived Narita - Day 1( 5 April )

Arrived 1:35pm Narita International Airport .. Airport has gone thru massive changes since me and mrs were there 5yrs back... 5yrs ago, the NWA flight we took had to take a bus from the plane to the terminal.. now the planes drive straight up to the terminal and connect thru a aerobridge... Also we cleared the Japan Immigration fast.. i think less than 30mins .. they had a special clearance lane for family with kids... by the time we bought the KeiSie train ticket .. and proceeded to the B1 train platform.. Actually plan was to get off at Machiya station, but in the end got off at Nippori.. and spend about 20 mins to 30 mins looking for the hotel.. lucky the direction we took was right.. saw cherry blossom on the way.. it was so niceee.. but no pics as hands were full handling the 2 huge 30 inches luggage we brought...








Blogger Shuumi said...

hello! so shiok in japan liao...!!!
have fun!

OH YA! need to ask ur boy take off his shoes when he climbs onto the seat. May kanna scolding he steps onto the seat with his shoes still on.

土曜日, 4月 05, 0020 10:54:00 午後  


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