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日曜日, 3月 30, 0020

yeah yeah yeah

salary went in early.. at least i could settle all bills before i left... had a great gift this quater.. at least.

We comtemplated buying a new pram to Japan.. but again once i tot thru , i told mrs.. need not... Rachel is growing up fast.. and looks like nowadays.. on certain short trip out , no prams are needed. She just refuses to sit in the pram unless she is very tired...weekend did not go any places as the kids are still on medication, we want them to be fully recovered.

Evening only dropped by my inlaws place. and Yanren was there too. Marcus seems to enjoy a brother, but Rachel is very close to him. and it seems Rachel has taken a liking to toy cars too!!! Not Surprise.

Japan Trip Update
- Changed another 110K JPY@ 1.396.. rates are horrid.. but what to do.. need it for spending.. damm i still could not find my Tomica Card which shuumi gotten for me..:( looks like i have to get another one. Tomica Tokyo has reopened its Tokyo Station Store and now it has a clearer map on its location.




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